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Pool Party

About this work

Pool Party

The original sketch for the boy on the far left was created 6 years earlier than the completion of the final work.

This work started as a green field, with a blue sky intended to depict people running through a forrest. After several sketches and ideas came to a halt this work was put on pause for 5 months.

After the pause an idea to draw a boy interested in his phone by the pool took hold and eventually influenced a change in the course of the forrest work. The canvas was flipped over to create the hedges of significance and the blue sky became the blue of the pool.

The idea came together rapidly, the pink of the tube, boys among one another and the little boy from six years earlier finding his way into the final piece. This work was eventually completed one year later after the search for the right pieces and meanings joined forces.


• Each Artwork is connected via a unique identifier - bottom left puzzle piece with the text MERE in white font
• Delivered with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity stamped with an original seal


Pool Party

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