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The Muse

about this work

"O Divine Poesy,
Goddess-daughter of Zeus,
Sustain for me
This song of the various-minded man,
Who after he had plundered
The innermost citadel of hallowed Troy
Was made to stray grievously
About the coasts of men,
The sport of their customs good or bad,
While his heart
Through all the seafaring
Ached in an agony to redeem himself
And bring his company safe home.
Vain hope – for them!
For his fellows he strove in vain,
Their own witlessness cast them away;
The fools,
To destroy for meat
The oxen of the most exalted sun!
Wherefore the sun-god blotted out
The day of their return.
Make the tale live for us
In all its many bearings,
O Muse."


the muse

24 x 36 inches

600 hours

~3500 individual and non-repeating puzzle pieces

puzzle pieces are adhered with an archival acid free glue & work is protected with a fixatif coating for longevity

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The muse

Printed on Archival Paper


Size 12 x 18


Each print is delivered embellished with 4-6 unique puzzle pieces applied by the artist making each print completely unique and unable to be replicated. Prints are hand  signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity


Only 50 of each will ever be made

Once this work is sold out, it will not be restocked. 


Ships in three weeks. 

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11 x 14 inches 

252 pieces

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